#WhatsNext Travel Tech ; Wednesday 24th Feb at Sankara Nairobi

Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries globally with estimated 1.1 billion international arrivals annually and offering a source of livelihood to over 260 million people. According to a 2013 estimate, its global economic contribution stood at about 7 trillion US dollars with a massive trickledown effect.

Over the years, a lot has changed making the industry one of the most dynamic, and technology has, and is still the lead influencer. Being a service industry; be it as travel, hotel or in conservation circles, technology has come in handy to bridge the gaps between operational processes and service delivery. This has not only consistently improved relationships between service providers and their internal and external customers, but has also brought a new breath of creativity and an urge to constantly adapt so as to meet the needs of a fast changing world.

Currently, the world of travel technology is characterized by online booking engines, intriguing virtual and augmented reality, advanced tech-efficient modes of travel, eco-tech facilities, social media, mobile apps as well as numerous blogs, networking and review sites with vast tourist and traveler information. A constant focus on travel technology by major industry stakeholders has risen, offering rooms for discussion and opportunities to share ideas.

This Wednesday, 24th February 2016, at Sankara, you have an opportunity to join over 200 travel sector’s leaders, innovators in e-tourism –cum-travel products and other stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Nest Nairobi, an early stage venture capital firm and global innovation accelerator, will be hosting a panel discussion on technology and travel as part of its speaker series, dubbed #WhatsNext

Panelists include;

  • Samir Dave – Travel blogger and photographer
  • Mikul Shah – CEO and Founder of Eat Out
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H Thome – Correspondent
  • Paul Ndichu – MD & CEO at Easy Taxi Kenya
  • Maurice Ireri – Inventor/Maker of FlexiGrill, portable barbecue grill
  • Leena Gehlot – Managing Director Real Estate/ Hospitality at Intex Construction
  • Estelle Verdier -Watine, MD of Jovago East Africa

moderated by Soni Methu, an experienced journalist and former host of CNN Inside Africa.

Sample topics will be;

  • Destination and Travel Marketing
  • Tembea Kenya – are Kenyans guided by price or value? Solo or group travel? Bush, beach or Safari?
  • Developing partnerships and growing alliances to revive tourism industry
  • Low cost carrier airlines – African Union Visa?
  • Customer experience and consumer trends
  • The Rise of e-Tourism in Africa – opportunities and challenges
  • Building capabilities-collaboration with external partners and creating new platforms
  • Re-imagining travel solutions and business models
  • Real estate / hospitality industry – Leena Gehlot launched Richard Branson’s Mahali Mazuri – she’ll be talking all things architecture, luxury travel and property trends
  • Accelerating African born #TravelTech innovation

The forum will bring together startups, corporates, hotels, consultants, NGOs and other stakeholders and discuss what they see as the next big thing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Once again, Its Wednesday, 24 February 2016 from 18:15 to 21:15 HRS. RSVP here

Author : Tourite

Tourite Safaris is one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Kenya. We offer a one-stop solution to travelers and corporate organizations. Our tour packages bring a unique aspect of culture, natural wild, unimaginable beach experiences taking you to the most hidden treasures of East Africa.

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