What Can You Buy for One Dollar Across Africa?

Nairobi, 2 February 2016 – Many people, before they set off on a journey, wonder, how expensive is a country they are headed to. Leading African hotel booking website – Jovago.com – prepared a simple overview of what can you get in African countries for 1 dollar.

While in Kenya for one dollar you are able to get, for instance, a serving of kachumbari, in Ethiopia, for the same price, you are able to get 6 injeras. In Uganda on the other hand, we can buy a plate of Katogo.

On the other end of the continent, we can get a plate of Ndolé in Cameroon, a plate of fried plantain in Ghana or a meat pie in Nigeria.

The same amount of money will enable us to get a short boda-boda ride in Nairobi, 2 tickets for underground in Algeria or 2 liters of fuel in Nigeria. While visiting Cameroon it can get us a short taxi ride and in Ghana a ride from the airport to the Accra Mall.

infographics – Jovago

Author : Tourite

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