Valentine’s Day For One Please

One of the most equally loved and hated days is upon us and being that most people celebrate it throughout the whole week, Valentine’s Day merchandise and travel packages must be flying off the shelves.

Many flowers, perfumes, chocolates, and other gifts to deliver; many hearts to break and empty wallets to see throughout the week. For some people it is a day they anticipate from the end of the last Valentine’s day plans, they plan for it and save ahead just to make it special. Whereas for some other people, it is a dreadful and wasteful day. This might be because they are single or they just find it to be another overrated human holiday brought up by big corporations to market their products.

If you are the second category, here are a few ideas about how to not be miserable just because you don’t have a sweetheart.

Spa Day

No plans? Well, your body does deserve some pampering and what better way to do that but by booking a spa day at some of the best spas around town? Tender loving care for your muscles with tingling massage therapy, distress in the sauna or maybe just a few laps in the pool to keep the sad thoughts away and look fabulous laying in the sun.

Friend’s Night Out

We all have friends, you know those fun people that seem to be upbeat even when you bring the gloom? Those wonderful friends can’t possibly let you wallow in self pity on Valentine’s day now can they? Have a night out with them, share some drinks and laugh your way to glee.

Stay In

Ok not everyone is strong enough to go out for dinner and watch other people canoodle with love while you eat alone. The waiters give you pitying looks and you keep hoping your food comes so that you run out immediately after. Stay in, watch movies, happy movies.

Family Day

Valentine’s day is not just about being with your lover, but a day to celebrate with people you love and who love you. People like your family; use the time and maybe have a family dinner since it gets harder to have everyone in one place when you grow older. Family isn’t just about blood too; there are friends who become family, celebrate them too.

Indulge Yourself

If no one is appreciating how special you are, why not do it yourself? Take yourself shopping for some of those pieces you have been dying for. Buy yourself some delicious dinner, wine and chocolates because you deserve a lot of that and more. Nobody said you cannot be your own valentine’s.

Give Back

How about using this day to give back to those who are not as fortunate as you are? Visit an orphanage and play with babies, there’s no sadness baby laughter and smiles cannot cure. Play with the village children and relive those wonderful childhood moments. Do something special for them.


We rarely appreciate our friends but you can use valentine’s day to show them how special they are to you; buy them gifts, take them for dinner anything possible to make them happy that day.

Valentine’s day is a day about love; but it doesn’t mean you should focus on one day. Give love everyday and shine positive light to those around you, it always comes back in ten folds.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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