Top Seven Tips for A Solo Female Traveler

Despite the fact that the world has come a long way in both gender equity; ladies traveling unaccompanied still attract a higher risk of attacks and harassment than the brothers. However, most of these unwelcome and at times unfortunate situations can be handled superbly by adopting a few habits and guidelines. Listed down by Trip Advisers at Jovago, an online traveling company are a number of tips to ensure the girls get back home safe and sound.

Understand your Destination

Ahead of your journey, do all the research you can on the destination as well as your preferred accommodation. This includes getting a grip on the map and location, as well as studying the general habits of the residents to give you a feel of the stay ahead. Apart from this, it’s necessary to learn a few basic phrases of the local language such as the common greetings, courtesy words and useful landmarks. Also, take note of the available ATM points and remember to check with your bank on the extent of their operations.

Pack the Needful

Once you have a fair grip on your destination, it’s time to duplicate and pack the necessary items; this must include a copy of your map – always keep it offline and accessible. Second, get copies of all your important traveling documents such as your passport, vaccination papers, visa cards and identification documents. Depending on the type of journey you are on, you may consider always leaving the originals in the hotel room and walking around with the duplicates. For extra caution, also keep a backup of the documents in cloud storage.

Buy your Travel License

It is of utter importance, for both your safety and peace of mind. While some travel companies may offer travel insurance, be keen enough to make out the differences and deficiencies for each. Some plans may not cover already existing conditions; bear in mind that the whole travel may provoke otherwise inactive ailments such as chronic flus and arthritis etc. Also, note that you may need to disclose all your valuables that need be covered. Lastly, although incidents and accidents can happen anywhere, some trips are deemed high risk – buy the corresponding cover.

Match and Merge in

The easiest way to become a target while on your wanderlust is by looking out-of-place. Sticking to your cargo pants and branded tees while walking down the streets of Nairobi on a weekday will sure earn you some unwelcome scrutiny. If you are traveling to a Muslim region, avoid revealing clothing as, apart from attracting the street cons, you may also find yourself at loggerheads with the authority. Similarly, l throw in a local twist to your outfit if going to an all-traditional regalia set up.

Get Lockable Storage

For own safety and easiness, you do not want to delve into unknown streets with your laptop, cameras and power backups in your rucksack whole day long. Ask about the availability of lockable storage and items that may need to be registered with the concierge during check in. Throughout the itinerary, do not check in your valuables as general luggage on any kind of transport.

Be Street Smart

Riddled with twists and turns, a new adventure also comes with the good luck of meeting new friends and social circles that may pass the test of time to eternal soul mates. But if you are not lucky to get this, you may then join the bandwagon of the unlucky. Do not trust newly met travel mates or hotel mates too fast, rely on self and instincts before you ask for a few favors with your luggage and other personal belongings. Again, if need be, ask for directions from credible individuals such security personnel or even attendants from the coffee shop around the block. Apart from the credibility, these stationed guys will be easier to point out should anything befall you.

Waving Off the Passes

This is a common one, and may range from mild – almost acceptable-to instances bordering on harassment. Do not shy away from dropping diplomacy and taking on defense. One of the tried and tested tricks is to slip on a fake wedding ring; of course this won’t create a pass proof breastplate, but may just slow down your admirer’s advances. Avoid appearing needy or too available, and drink a little less than you can handle.

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