Top East Africa’s Watersport Spots

The East African region is a gateway to several water bodies. Blessed with nature’s finest rivers, lakes and even an ocean. They are not just ‘water’ but favorite spots to engage in various activities. From windsurfing, to deep sea diving to boat rides, you can enjoy East Africa like never before.

Water Rafting at the Nile

On the Nile close to Bujagali dam, lies one of the best locations for rafting. The numerous rapids makes this activity more adventurous. The adrenaline rush is for the strong hearted as the canoe moves up and down the rapids. For those who like an easy ride there are family floats where you can have an easy experience with the waters.

Full day rafting is around $120 to $130 while the family float is $30 to $50.

Nungwi (Zanzibar)

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. It attracts lots of water sport lovers. Deep sea diving is a favorite. Snorkeling is common especially during the months of March, May and November when the weather conditions around the Indian Ocean are suitable. You get to pay $50 for 15 minutes and around $10 per hour for kayaking expeditions.

Windsurfing in Zanzibar source:
Windsurfing in Zanzibar source:

Diani (Kenya)

To the southern coast of Kenya lies literally what is the hub of water sport in East Africa –Diani beach. It has all the trapping of a destination. A wide range of water sport activities await you here; yours is just to choose your favorite. You can go scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling among others.

There is also a boat ride for the calm and easy type of persons along the mangrove forests. If you fancy going down the sea to have a view of the fish, there is a glass bottom boat where you can see all the fish species. The glass boat tour costs 15 Euros.

Watamu (Kenya)

The area is a good fishing ground, you can try some fishing since the water here is calm. There is plenty of aqua life, the marvelous turtles, fish and eels. Since the waters are calm enough one can do a stand up paddle. You can have the experience of swimming alongside the dolphins too.

The cost is normally high because of the gear used. One pays from around 10,000 to 30,000 Kenya shillings all dependent on the activity they wish to participate in.

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