Top 15 Most Popular Travel Hashtags

Did you know that the first hashtag appeared on Twitter in August 2007? It was proposed by open source advocate Chris Messina as a means of tagging subjects of interest on social media platform. That said, it didn’t really catch on until October, when the # sign was used to relate information about the California wildfires that were happening then.

After that, the hashtag itself ended up spreadinglike wildfire, first on Instagram and shortly on Facebook, though Twitter and Instagram remain the perfect medium for it. Now it’s almost impossible to find a post without at least one hashtag!

Curiousto know what some of the most popular hashtags when it comes to travel?’s team rounded up the top 15 most popular travel hashtagsout there. Read on!

15. #PhotoOfTheDay

With around 3 million posts on Instagram, it’s safe to say that the hashtag #photooftheday is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. What makes this hashtag great, is the fact that it is much more permissive than other hashtags; you don’t need a fancy camera, you can snap a photo of the day with your phone. And when it comes to traveling, a photo of the day can sum up an entire day/vacation!

14. #InstaTravel

There are around 20 million #instatravel hashtags on Instagram. So what makes this hashtag different from the simpler and far more popular #travel hashtag? Well, it’s much more focused, for one thing. We could even say that #instatravel is the more popular, hipster cousin of #travel. Also, it’s Instagram specific, so you won’t really find it anywhere else. Use both and see which one gets more attention.

13. #Holiday

With around 53 million posts on Instagram, #holiday is undoubtedly one of the most popular hashtags ever. How could it not be, when the word itself brings so much joy to people all over the world? Did you know that the word holiday is derived from holy day? It makes so much sense when you think about it! The days when you don’t have to work, but do whatever you please seem to be quite holy indeed!

12. #Travel

Of course, #travel would be a popular travel hashtag! The reason why it’s so successful is that it’s so handy and so very universal. There is no need for gorgeous, awards-worthy snaps, just a photo of your travels will do. It’s no wonder that there are around 104 million posts with this hashtag on Instagram alone! No matter where you travel to, and no matter the subject of your photographs, use this hashtag to let the world of Instagram and Twitter about your travels or search what others have snapped on their adventures!

11. #Wanderlust

The word #Wanderlust comes from German and it is defined as a strong desire to travel. We’ve all felt it; the itch that strikes when we least expect it to. When we’re bored or when we feel we need more from life. To quote Herman Melville in Moby Dick, “whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; […] then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.” That is wanderlust and to capture it in a photograph is a lovely thing!

10. #Blessed

The #blessed hashtag is probably one of the most scrutinized hashtags ever. Some people even use it in their live speech, saying hashtag blessed as a form of sarcasm. With that in mind, #blessed is still one of the top hashtags out there, with a whopping 55 million posts on Instagram alone. If you’re traveling, this hashtag can be a little problematic, as it can highlight privilege, when used in comparison to others who are less privileged, so make sure you use it wisely.

9. #Vacation

If you want to know what other people do on their vacations, then simply search for #vacation on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll get your answer. Travel bloggers such as Nomadic Matt take awesome travel photos. You’ll have to browse through 40 million posts, so good luck with that! Still, a great vacation photo will always be of interest and even ignite a wanderlust fire in some people’s hearts!

8. #LetsGoSomewhere

#Letsgosomewhere is the only hashtag on our list that urges people to do something, to travel, to go somewhere and experience something. You could even say that it’s a very millennial thing to say – simple, yet charged with meaning, but somewhat cliché. When it comes to travel, use this as a way to include your friends and followers into your story and your journey or as a way to initiate a conversation about traveling. Either way, people will respond to it!

7. #InstaPhoto

#Instaphoto is another Instagram specific hashtag that is all about photography. In the context of travel, this hashtag opens a huge door to amateur travel photography. No matter how you use it, #instaphoto will surely get you lots of likes and followers, so make sure that Greece vacation photo is awesome enough for the hashtag.

6. #Ttot

#Ttot stands for travel talk on Tuesday or travel talk on Twitter. Either way, it is a Twitter-specific hashtag, meant to get travelers together to talk about travel and anything travel related. It is a great way to connect with travelers and to make your voice heard. #Ttot takes place every Tuesday at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT. Don’t be afraid to join in, everybody’s more than welcome!

5. #TravelPhotography

Under the hashtag #travelphotography you’ll find some of the most impressive and stunning travel photographs on Instagram and Twitter. Travel photography can be intimate, personal, and so very exciting. Therefore, if you plan on tagging some of your travel photos with this hashtag, make sure you’re ready for the whole world to see them.

4. #Adventure

#Adventure seems to be something most of us yearn for from time to time. It makes us feel alive, it fuels our imagination and our dreams, and it makes our life more exciting. Which is why, according to many, traveling is an adventure. This hashtag generates around 23 million posts on Instagram, and most of them are related to traveling. Next time you’re lost on your vacation, don’t despair, simply consider it an adventure. Snap a photo, Instagram it, and hashtag it #adventure! It’s all about perspective!

3. #Love

Oh, love! How could this word not find its way onto our list, even though it’s not a travel-specific word/hashtag? It’s what makes the world go round, isn’t it? People love to travel and we’re so prone to fall in love with the lovely places we visit. Which explains why #love is a wonderful and appropriate travel hashtag. It’s also the most popular hashtag on our list, topping the list at almost 1 billion posts on Instagram alone. The next time you ‘gram a photo, don’t forget to include this one!

2. #TravelGram

#TravelGram refers to all photos taken while traveling, which explains why this travel hashtag is so popular, with over 20 million posts. Even though the name was born by fusing together the word travel and Instagram, the hashtag is not Instagram specific, as lots of travelers will use it on their Twitters. Use this hashtag when you upload your photo and you’ll get plenty of visibility!

1. #InstaGood

With a whopping 454 million posts, #InstaGood is one of the most popular Instagram hashtags ever. But what does it mean? Well, it simply refers to a good photograph that will get the user/photographer plenty of likes and appreciation. The reason this hashtag is very popular in the travel community, is because traveling and photography are so intertwined; besides, who doesn’t like a good travel photograph? We suggest you use it whenever you get that one-in-a-million, awesome shot. Some photos are just too good to be kept to yourself!

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