Tips for Traveling as a Couple

When you watch several romantic comedies, they give you a very beautiful and so adorable image of couples traveling together and this makes you envision a lot of things as you plan to travel.

Reality check, it’s never as the movies say it is so here are some tips on how to travel as a couple and not call it quits.

Consult Each Other

Before you even set a date or plan the trips, sit down and talk about what exactly you want to do on vacation and where you want to go, plus how much you will be spending in the event of the trip. This helps both of you stay on the same page before and during the trip.

Share Responsibilities

Do not be bossy and hoad all the prep work for the trip, it might get you stressed out and angry at the person you are traveling with. Share responsibilities according to both your different strengths.

Be Honest

Honesty is very important in every relationship and just because you are on vacation does not mean you should hide whatever is bothering you along the way. Be honest with your partner if you do not like some of the plans or maybe anything else happening on the trip; because those tiny things always end up ruining your trip and it’s always better to sort them out there and then.

Fly Free

The fact that you made an itinerary does not mean you should follow it to the tee, be spontaneous and do things you never usually do together when at home. Things that will bring out the adventure in both of you, have you excited for everyday on your vacation.

Have Some Patience

Sometimes being far from home and in a limited environment especially road trips brings out the worst in people and this can lead to frustrations. Learn to be patient with your partner and make sure you help them cope through even if it might be hard for you.

Plenty of Pictures

You need to enjoy the moment but take as many pictures as you can. They might seem silly to other people but all those memories as you visit different locations are good for both of you.

Tourist Traps

Every location you travel to has a tourist trap especially for couples that everyone says is “the most romantic” restaurant or any other landmark in the area, stay away from those. Make your own romantic location that will not be very costly and even more fun for both of you depending on how adventurous you are.


Being in a beautiful magical place does not mean that several sparks are going to keep sparking throughout the whole vacation. You might end up having a complete snooze fest due to the several activities you engage in during the day, but it does not mean you have to neglect this very important bit. Create an itinerary with activities that give time to more sparks.

Lone Time

You do not have to do every activity together as a couple through the whole vacation, go have some lonesome time because we all need space from the people we love.


You did not leave your home to sit in the hotel room watching TV, go out and explore new things and discover as much as you can in your time away. Be kids again and not take yourselves way too seriously, play as much as you can on your vacation.

Fan The Flames

You have to remember that even if you love your partner, this trip will either help fan the flames more or just burn them out as much as possible. Be romantic with them and do the very many tiny things you rarely do for them when you are busy working, fall in love with them again and again. Feel giddy and date each other like the first time when you just met.

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