The Black and White Colobus Monkey of Diani

Its a fact, I love monkeys…and had not had a look at the Kenyan Coast in terms of fauna rather than the little flora I had come across at Sokoke. That is not until I came to learn about Diani’s black and White Colobus monkey last year. The Black and White Colobus is found across equatorial Africa. There are five species, among which the color varies from all black to a skunk-like black-and-white pattern. Black and white colobus monkeys weigh up to 9 kg. They live in small social groups of about ten animals, composed of one adult male plus females and their offspring.
Diani BeachAt the mention of Diani to many, beautiful beaches and five star hotels and resorts come into mind but rarely will this Angolan Colobus. For your information, the Black and White Colobus is also known as the Angolan Colobus monkey for reasons that I will not sink into at the moment.

The Black and White Colobus lives in Diani with his other close and distant relatives like the baboons, bush babies, dik diks, vervets, elephant shrews, squirrels, sykes, sunis among others ‘who did not wish to be named.’
In the recent past, this monkey has faced serious threats. As a result, in 1997, The Colobus Trust came into being. Robust development over the years and immense human activity in the area has interfered with this monkey’s habitat, and this has been the main focus of the trust. The rate of development Diani has always experienced, overwhelms the trust where by the rising population in the area leaves many of these monkeys threatened with some succumbing to human created misfortunes such as road accidents, destroyed habitats, electrocution among other incidents and dangers. However, the Trust has always stood for the Angolan Colobus monkey, as well as providing a safe haven for them.
So, the next time you think of or plan developing some property-cum-cutting a tree of a sort anywhere in or near Diani, find it prudent to mind about the black and white colobus monkey’s welfare. I hope you get what I’m trying to say, my English is sometimes like monkey!

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