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Uganda is Kenya’s Leading Source Market, While USA Beats UK to the top Position

In a surprising turn of events, Uganda took the lead as Kenya’s top source market in Africa, while Germany and Italy tail the numbers globally. According to data from the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), The Pearl almost doubled her score of 29,038 visitors in 2015 to 51,023 for the yearRead More

5 Tips to Getting your Smartphone Travel-ready

It’s no doubt smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel; and keep improving the process with every new app and upgrade. From booking a cab or sharing a ride in a foreign country, to reserving your flight and even checking into a hotel, the possibilities on a smartphone’s interface seemRead More

Exploring Sports Tourism in Kenya

Kenya is a renowned sporting nation. Athletics is Kenya’s forte as numerous runners have earned the country medals at the grandest stages. Sports is now a significant part of the tourism industry in Kenya, with athletes visiting from countries in Europe, Asia, the USA and other parts of the worldRead More

Four Interesting Facts about Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. In the USA and Europe it is quite popular for highly discounted prices, so much so that people camp out overnight just to be first in line at the most popular stores; mostly electronics and household goods. Here is a littleRead More