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Kenya Tourism Board Exhibiting at Bride and Groom Expo 2018 Uganda

Kenya is participating in the Bride and Groom Expo 2018 in Uganda which begins today, Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June 2018 at the UMA Exhibition Hall. Kenya is seeking to achieve top of mind awareness of her tourism offering and experiences among Ugandans. The event not only aims toRead More

Have a Luxurious Trip On A Small Budget

When most people envision traveling, they picture something easy and relaxing with cocktails and picture perfect scenery. Yet before you envision all this, there has to be a plan and a budget. Although you have to remember that you do not need a big budget to go for luxurious trips,Read More

Jinja,The Cradle Of All Thrills.

There is always a great place in Uganda, a place where people travel from miles just to experience what it has to offer. Here places are full of  magnificent natural wonders where you will fall in love at first sight with everything you see. Jinja and great Nile river canRead More

Hotel Management Tips for Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, the hospitality industry in Uganda has grown vastly and at a rapid rate; with several hotels, motels, hostels and tent cabins being set up in almost every district in the country. You cannot travel through the country and not find a suitable place to rest up; thereRead More

A Sojourn Into The Wild Lake Mburo

Uganda, a beautiful country nestled in the middle of East Africa with the abundance of everything you would love to explore; it has the biggest part of the Victoria, several mountains that are worth climbing and beautiful creatures in the wild that will fascinate you. All this and more, yetRead More