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The Ugandan Mountain Gorilla: A Prized Attraction

One of the most revered attractions in Africa especially the East and Central are gorillas and they are ranked among the first three preferred before tourists pick a destination when visiting. Mountain Gorillas are only found in two locations in the world; in Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo andRead More

Is The Star System Still Vital For Hotels

A regular traveler who has been to several hotels around the world’s popular cities can easily tell you the difference between the standards and star rating of a hotel. Yet the question is, is the star rating still as relevant as it was years ago? First off, what is starRead More

Does Having Foreign PR Firms Necessarily Improve Uganda’s Tourism Sector

Recently, the Uganda Tourism Board hired three foreign Public Relation firms that will be assisting it to run campaigns in their respective countries, the firms; KPRN that will handle the German market in Europe, PHG Consulting in North America and Kamageo for the United Kingdom are well versed with tourismRead More

Jovago’s Hospitality Report reveals Uganda’s Tourism Potential

Kampala, Uganda – The 28th of April, 2016. A fascinating survey into Uganda’s evolving hospitality sector by Jovago.com, Africa’s leading hotel online booking platform, has revealed the latest traveler trends across the country. “ Uganda has the potential to grow into one of the best tourist locations in Africa,” PaulRead More

Pearl In Africa; Celebrating Uganda

On Friday the 29th, the Sheraton hotel Kampala one of the Five star hotels available on www.jovago.com was the place where everyone was headed to, there were a number of events happening all of the hotel grounds and so much corporate branding covering the hotel, our main target was theRead More