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Travel Don’ts You Should Leave In 2017

Last minute planning Traveling is meant to be fun and even though it’s for business, it should not be hectic. Last minute planning for a trip can be very stressful and ruin your entire travel and therefore that is something to avoid in the New Year. Ensure the hotel isRead More

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season; Tips to a Fault-free Celebration

The holiday season is back again, the shiny lights are already up the malls, retailers have changed their pitch to ‘amazing discounts’ while radio stations have revised their playlists to cue in carols and other merry-making tunes. However busy you are, you can not fail to notice that the festiveRead More

When The Wanderlust Hits You

Hello, my name is Cecile and I am addicted to traveling. It does sound silly when you say it out loud, “addicted to traveling” and one might scoff it off as one of those millennial problems that youths come up with when they need to catch attention from those peopleRead More