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Mixing Business and Pleasure? Consider this Five Tips

In what the uptown folks now refer to as bleisure, business travelers are increasingly getting more creative with their holidays; it’s now a trend to tack in a few days into the work calendar, leaving room to explore new destinations and sample experiences while accomplishing and keeping with corporate targets.Read More

Travel Like a Pro: How to create a personalized experience

Mass marketing is nothing new in the travel industry, and travel agents are known to design and sell “packages” heavily dependent on group rates, unfortunately taking up bare minimal in terms of individual preferences. More than not, this will lead to differences arising in the course of the itinerary forRead More

Dealing With Traveler’s Remorse

Travel is surely a fun experience. People travel for so many reasons no matter what cause the travel adventure is inevitable. Travel always come with learning new language, culture  and ample experiences. It’s a sad reality that not many people are able to visit their dream destinations due to severalRead More

Top Birds of The Pearl

From the savannahs of the Kidepo to the deep forests of the Mabira, right through the impenetrable Bwindi and to the top of Wagagai, the variety of bird species in Uganda is undeniable. Being located within the tropics, Uganda has one of the most conducive weather for bird habitation; makingRead More

Etiquette Tips for Traveling with Your Boss

The year is 2012, and Mark Zuckerberg is yet to consider re-incarnating Jarvis of Iron Man and recreating him into his IA. You are scheduled to PA him across the globe on state visits and symposiums. You know the Facebook Man is about to visit Kenya, and while there, willRead More