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Six Tips to Prepare the Best Road Trip of your Time

How time flies! The holiday season is back with us, it’s just the right time to start planning the season, and avoid last minute rush. What more refreshing than a winding road trip in the company of love and laughter, if you plan to hit the highway, Jumia Travel hasRead More

You Might Need Travel Insurance After All

A frequent traveler that spends more time traversing the globe, be it for work or just plain old adventure knows that it involves sudden unexpected circumstances that need immediate attention. First off, travel insurance is that intended to cover medical expenses, cancellation of flights or other travel related flights, hotel,Read More

Top Tips for Traveling with the Elderly

Travel is one of the most memorable gift you can give your parents or even grandparents this season; an experience that seeks to rejuvenate as well as give them a different perspective on life. According to Travel advisors at Jumia Travel, a lot of queries on traveling with the elderlyRead More

A New Deal to Boost Rural Hotel Visibility

Travel Creations, a renowned travel agency celebrated both its 20th anniversary and special Travel Products Day with a new partnership positioned to boost their rural inventory. This new partnership between the company and leading online hotel platform, Jovago.com will ensure that travelers headed to remote regions have easy access toRead More