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Use of Innovative Technology in Designing Diverse Tourism Products

Investment in new technology provides the tourism sector with opportunities for novelty, aimed at providing a platform for designing new and tangible tourism products. Emphasis goes to integrating innovative initiatives into tourism management; instrumental in enhancing full tourist satisfaction, based on destination value and quality of service. In a statementRead More

Five Technologies that Have Majorly Shaped Modern Meetings and Conferences

Since the invention of world wide web, and the coining of the term ‘internet of things’, the rate of growth in this field has grown and accelerated remarkably; touching on basically every facet of life. This article by Jumia Travel team examines different innovations that have bolstered great convenience andRead More

Gadgets Every Traveler Needs In 2017

There are people that were blessed with intellect that surpasses the ordinary, people that easily see through how something works and create an even better accessory. These very people create gadgets that will make traveling such an easy breezy hat you even forget the fatigue that comes after; some ofRead More

Jovago & SiteMinder Partnership

Nairobi, Kenya–Africa’s No.1 hotel booking website, Jovago.com, has announced it’s partnership with SiteMinder, the hotel industry’s leading cloud platform. The agreement enlists Jovago.com among the more than 300 channels integrated with SiteMinder’s Channel Manager, which will enable mutual hotel clients to seamlessly update their inventory and room rates on theRead More

How To Create Social Media Content That Works For You

The markets seem to be all bent on bringing home the Millennial; this generation, among many accusations seem to have insatiable capacity for all things digital, and have no qualms with testing out products and services, just for “the experience”. But that’s not all, more and more of these spendersRead More