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Five Myths About Travel and Tourism

Tourists are obnoxious, high minded people who think they are better than the locals, right? Wrong. A lot of myths and fables are told about travelers; some right and some awfully wrong. Jumia Travel seeks to debunk some common myths spread about mostly out of sheer ignorance. You Need toRead More

The Black and White Colobus Monkey of Diani

Its a fact, I love monkeys…and had not had a look at the Kenyan Coast in terms of fauna rather than the little flora I had come across at Sokoke. That is not until I came to learn about Diani’s black and White Colobus monkey last year. The Black andRead More

A Glimpse at the Western Kenya Tourist Circuit

Probably the least known but the most unspoilt, the circuit stretches from the green (tea) country, Kericho, to South West Islands of Rusinga and up north Kakamega Forest. The tea country is densely populated and widely cultivated featuring small shambas to tea plantations. Kericho is the tea capital, with vastRead More