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Destination Of The Week; Queen Elizabeth National Park

The trips celebrating #UgTravelMonth are just a few days away and what best way to start off with knowledge of where  we will be headed to? The trips are going to last throughout the month of October, with every weekend being covered by a trip to go see Uganda inRead More

What You Didn’t Know About The African Lion

Uganda has over 500 Panthera Leo also known as Lions living in the National Parks, reserves and habitats in the country; Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth National Park among several others. Queen Elizabeth National Park is known to have the biggest number of Lions which are also famous for their treeRead More

#UgTravelMonth: Why You Should Be Excited

Ugandans have recently started appreciating their own country, so many trips ranging from Khoikhoi, Cocktails In The Wild to the newest addition dubbed #UgTravelMonth. The growth of domestic tourism is now more common among the young adults who are easily targeted on social media and which is what most ofRead More

Facts About Elephants You Need To Know

The African elephant is the largest existing land animal in the world, which makes them very easy to sight in the many animal reserves and national parks that they can be found. In Uganda, you will find several of these elephants in National parks such as Semuliki, Queen Elizabeth andRead More

Saving Elephants in Uganda

Elephants are some of the best tourist attraction assets Uganda has yet over the years, they have come under attack by poachers and illegal Ivory traders who hunt them down for their tusks and leave evidence of their evil handiwork scattered all over the parks in the country. Over theRead More