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Chobe Experience – The Dream Vacation 4th to 5th November!

Traced in Murchison Falls National Park, Chobe Safari Lodge is irrefutably the jewel in Uganda’s pinnacle of tourism. The incomparable views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile’s magnificent rapids, sets the scene for an adventure that will sway even the most astute of travelers.Murchison Falls, otherwise known asRead More

#UgTravelMonth: Why You Should Be Excited

Ugandans have recently started appreciating their own country, so many trips ranging from Khoikhoi, Cocktails In The Wild to the newest addition dubbed #UgTravelMonth. The growth of domestic tourism is now more common among the young adults who are easily targeted on social media and which is what most ofRead More

Top 6 Amazing Waterfalls to See in Uganda

Traveling through Uganda is such an adventure, with every destination you set you stay amazed and more excited due to the different landscape and scenery changes. The most amazing of these beautiful nature given gifts in the country are the several waterfalls you can find in different locations. Sipi FallsRead More

Six Must Visit Breath taking Falls in East Africa

Beside world renowned beaches, culture and wildlife, East Africa also has one unique feature that should be accorded more buzz on travelogues and tourist journals; it’s the tens of stunning waterfalls that mark territorial borders, breeding grounds for rare and unique species, haven to endangered strains and much more. PerhapsRead More