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2017 Tourism Trends That Will Go Strong in the Coming Year

Ready to build on the travel trends taking center stage at the turn of the year? Take a keen look on the new zeal for experience versus destination, the core meaning of enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Now partnering more than 30,000 hotels across Africa, travel expertsRead More

Labor Day weekend 2017; Stay Sane with these Six Tips

How time flies! With Easter gone, it’s time to shift goals to the next weekend break -Labor Day. Set to celebrate and recognize workers across the world, the holiday will be marked on 1st May – which happens to be a Monday! To many, and especially in Nairobi, this willRead More

The Big Five Series – The Lion

Swahili name: Simba Scientific name: Panthera Leo Height: 1 to 1.2m Male weight – 200kg; Have Manes Female weight – 150kg; have no manes Gestation Period: 3.5 months; have 2 to 6 young Lifespan: 15 to 20 years Habitat: Savanna, moorlands, light forest Food: Carnivore The Lion is one ofRead More