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Eco-Friendly Rentals in Australia for the Labor Holiday

Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is a top international tourist destination known for its beaches, Badlands, vast desert wilderness, and unique animals like the duck-billed platypuses and the kangaroos. It is an exciting country to visit, particularly for Kenyans who seem to share symbiotic relationships with Australians.Read More

Labor Day weekend 2017; Stay Sane with these Six Tips

How time flies! With Easter gone, it’s time to shift goals to the next weekend break -Labor Day. Set to celebrate and recognize workers across the world, the holiday will be marked on 1st May – which happens to be a Monday! To many, and especially in Nairobi, this willRead More

How To Create Social Media Content That Works For You

The markets seem to be all bent on bringing home the Millennial; this generation, among many accusations seem to have insatiable capacity for all things digital, and have no qualms with testing out products and services, just for “the experience”. But that’s not all, more and more of these spendersRead More