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Top Birds of The Pearl

From the savannahs of the Kidepo to the deep forests of the Mabira, right through the impenetrable Bwindi and to the top of Wagagai, the variety of bird species in Uganda is undeniable. Being located within the tropics, Uganda has one of the most conducive weather for bird habitation; makingRead More

How to Earn While Traveling

There are people who have such an unrivaled passion for traveling and seeing the world that if you asked them to drop whatever they are doing and go to another country, they will do so with enthusiasm. These very people will traverse the globe, going where the tide leads themRead More

You Might Need Travel Insurance After All

A frequent traveler that spends more time traversing the globe, be it for work or just plain old adventure knows that it involves sudden unexpected circumstances that need immediate attention. First off, travel insurance is that intended to cover medical expenses, cancellation of flights or other travel related flights, hotel,Read More

Staying On Track With Your Diet While Traveling

When traveling sometimes you fall off your usual routine, be it workout, sleep or diet due to unforeseen circumstances that come up in your new locations as you move. We have some tips to keep you on track as you travel. Have Faith In Yourself Nothing matters if you doRead More

Basic Stylish Travel Girl Tips

Who said traveling has to be very drab and boring? That you cannot put your best foot (boot) forward as you discover new things around the world. As Coco Chanel said “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway!” Weather Factor It is very important to checkoutRead More