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Six novels that will ignite the wanderlust in you!

The experience of travel cannot be captured better than in the words of Saint Augustine thus, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. With this in mind, authors and writers alike go the extra mile to capture their adventures in a bidRead More

6 Idyllic Season Stays That Will Make You Want to Re-think your Saving Plan

You know what they say about money, that it can buy you just about anything? Well, some say it cannot buy you happiness or love, but every new day, sources prove otherwise. I mean, all aspects factored in, who wouldn’t make merry on a cruise across the Atlantic; sure itRead More

7 Rules for Travelling with your pets

So Johnny Depp and estranged wife Amber Heard thought they could escape the sharp eye of the Australian immigration laws by trying to private jet their Yorkshire terriers into the Mother of World’s most livable cities. Well, we all know how the script went down from there; somber public apology,Read More

Jovago & SiteMinder Partnership

Nairobi, Kenya–Africa’s No.1 hotel booking website, Jovago.com, has announced it’s partnership with SiteMinder, the hotel industry’s leading cloud platform. The agreement enlists Jovago.com among the more than 300 channels integrated with SiteMinder’s Channel Manager, which will enable mutual hotel clients to seamlessly update their inventory and room rates on theRead More

Frugal vs Cheapskate: 5 Tips on how to save for the big vacation

Just to clear things up, frugal does not equal cheapskate. While frugal revolves around getting the most value on every cent spent, cheapskate can be downright self-sabotage. For instance, if you are always looking for shared hostel facility without really caring on the state of the beddings or if youRead More