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Eight Must Have Hotel Room Requirements

A hotel, wherever located is a second home for the guest; budget friendly, or exclusively grandeur, it must cover a little beyond mere basics and creature comforts. Here is a checklist guideline from Jumia Travel, that should help you anytime you are booking into your stay away from home. ComfortableRead More

Effective Ways To Boost Hotel Occupancy Off- Peak

Holiday season is over, meaning not so many people are traveling as then and this decreases the amount of business hotels receive. Off- peak season usually leaves most hotel management struggling to keep the facility up and running with little or no business depending on location. Most hotels in theRead More

Six Aspects of Accessible And Friendly Hotels

This year, we celebrated the World Tourism Day (marked every 27th September) by pushing for inclusion and equality for travelers and tourists with special needs such as those with difficulties in mobility and visibility, children and senior citizens who may require special support and all other forms of physical andRead More

Hotel Management Tips for Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, the hospitality industry in Uganda has grown vastly and at a rapid rate; with several hotels, motels, hostels and tent cabins being set up in almost every district in the country. You cannot travel through the country and not find a suitable place to rest up; thereRead More