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Easter Insights: Five Guides to Buying your Travel Insurance

Holiday trips, however well planned and promising can play out in the worst unexpected. My previous experiences include luggage loading and flying off to Cape Town, while I blissfully headed for Durban! Away from this, cancelled flights, terrorist attacks, and illness can throw into total disarray even the most stitched-to-sizeRead More

African Music Festivals That Are Worth Traveling For

Music is an art that brings souls together. It is what binds hearts, speaking the deepest of languages that is understood by thousands around the world. Now, imagine mixing music and travel, the two will give you adventure and joy. Although music festivals are not that big of deal toRead More

CfC Stanbic Bank and EatOut Partner to Launch Yummy Card

In Nairobi you will always get spoilt for choice if abundance in cuisine and restaurants is to go by. Eating out is now the ultimate adventure and nothing else makes it more exciting like what CfC Stanbic Bank and EatOut are Up to. Here’s some Great news for foodies outRead More

Top Tips for the Millennial Business Traveler

From a conference in Accra to a high power luncheon and workshop in Cape Town, and a weekend with family back home; nothing says ‘global village’ than the itinerary of the new business traveler. What comes to mind however, are the number of countless researches that point to the newRead More

The Ultimate African Travel Bucket list

“I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life, because after Africa nothing has ever been the same again…” Suzanne Evans To many of us in Africa, we never understand the strange fascination that foreigners have for our continent and the fact that most of themRead More