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The Big Five Series – The Lion

Swahili name: Simba Scientific name: Panthera Leo Height: 1 to 1.2m Male weight – 200kg; Have Manes Female weight – 150kg; have no manes Gestation Period: 3.5 months; have 2 to 6 young Lifespan: 15 to 20 years Habitat: Savanna, moorlands, light forest Food: Carnivore The Lion is one ofRead More

The Big Five on a Kenyan Wildlife Safari

I bumped into a kid born in the mid first decade of this new millennium and asked her to name me Kenya’s Big Five. Her answers were just amazing and hilarious.  One was a Jumbo Jet, second was Mt.Kenya, Third Thika road… *head scratch* oops! Could not even complete herRead More

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