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Top Six Tips to Consider When Choosing a Hotel for Family Holiday

Once the kids kick in, your travel plans will definitely change. From your choice of holiday destination to the location and type of accommodation and the demographics of the guest pool; the must haves and must dos by and large shift from you to the little ones. The hottest clubRead More

Budget Travel Tricks

Whatever your tour operator or agent tells you, treat it as sales pitch! It’s utter brinkmanship as we all know; the end result is to nail that sale. So, as you prepare your next trip, keep in mind that you are better suited to get it cheaper with just aRead More

The Magnificent Shaba National Reserve

Shaba is part of three small adjoining Savanna National Reserves that lie on either side of the Northern Ewaso Nyiro River, 340km North, North East of Nairobi (Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba). They were established in 1948 as the Samburu Isiolo Game Reserve, part of the once extensive Marsabit NationalRead More