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Lonely Planet’s World’s Best (African) Destinations 2018

World’s best travel guidebook is at it again with its ever-controversial list of places to indulge for the year coming. As usual, this is not the buzzfeed, cookie-cutter kind of edition, but rather picks caves and valleys, dens and dines off the beaten path, yet with an experience to theRead More


Nairobi’s High Hotel Rates Barring Tourists

Hotel Pricing in Africa: Nairobi Could Be Barring Tourists Due to High Hotel Rates. Security, geographical misconceptions and infrastructure named as some of the factors. A recent report by STR Global, a hospitality research firm has revealed a number of factors that could be influencing the pricing of hotels acrossRead More

Addis Ababa; In the Scents of Africa’s New Flower

Amazed by the beauty of a rare flower during one of her luxurious walks, Empress Taytu – Wife of Emperor Menelik II named today’s Ethiopian capital “Addis Ababa”, which translates to beautiful flower in the ancient Amharic language. That was in the year 1886. Today, Addis Ababa is the metropolitanRead More