Start 2017 With Healthy Habits

The excitement you get when the year is ending usually leads to a lot of activity or nothing at all, there are those who are always inclined towards having a good time laying around and enjoying the few days they have gotten off of work. No matter how the year ends, there is a relief to being home knowing you do not have to be up early to go stress about KPIs and targets.

When the new year kicks in, almost everyone wants to live a healthy life compared to what you did last year. As 2017 slowly unfolds, incorporate some of the following tips into your daily routine to achieve the goal to a healthy lifestyle

Before you jump into the healthy lifestyle you want to maintain through the year, it is important that you first have a few things sorted out.

  • Set realistic goals that you can accomplish, make sure you divide them according to the quarters of the year.
  • Ease right into it, don’t give your body a shock by suddenly changing everything around you. Take each day slowly till your body is used to the change then build the momentum along the way
  • Maintaining might appear to be hard when you have just started but along the way after everything has become a habit, you will be able to do it without prompt.
  • Surround yourself with people that are able to push you along through the lifestyle change. This helps you not lose focus on what your goals are.
  • Do not over exert yourself, there is always another day; only do what your body is able to do.
  • Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.


Almost everyone immediately assumes that only out of shape people who need to lose weight are the only ones who need to exercise, but the truth is generally we all need to workout to maintain healthy lifestyle.

Exercises are not just about weight loss but more for you to keep your body disciplined; you do not have to always go to the gym to do that. Certain simple exercises can be done at home and the best part is there are apps for that too or you can running although there are other workouts that you have to first consult a trainer before trying them out.

Eat Your Food

Your body highly depends on the food you eat for it to operate, just the way a car needs fuel to run. If you do not eat, your body slowly breaks down and you will start experiencing certain complications that is why you are advised to eat. Do not skip a meal; just as breakfast is important, so are the other meals throughout the day.

Cut Out Fast Foods and Fizzy Drinks

This must be the hardest thing for the current generation to do since that is the food they are used to consuming but once you cut out fast foods and fizzy drinks, your body will not be operating on just fats but something more healthy. Uganda is blessed with some of the most delicious local cuisines in the world that will build you up. Substitute fizzy drinks like soda with fresh juice and water whenever you need a refreshment.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Unless you are going on a cleanse or trying to lose, you do not have to completely switch your diet to only fruits and vegetables. Add the fresh vegetables and fruits in your food regularly and if some of them are hard for you to eat, you can easily make juice out of them. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very healthy contribute to your blood flow, skin and body building.

Catch Up On Your Sleep

You might not find it that important but as long as your body is not well rested, going through the day will be a little harder than expected. Try sleeping for 8 hours every night, this can only be achieved by sleeping early; it seems strange to rush to bed earlier than usual but that gives your body more time to rest. Your brain needs this time to  rebuild cells and get ready for the next day.

Minimize Alcohol Intake

If you are to maintain a healthy lifestyle, alcohol should be one of the first things to kick out of your life and if you cannot completely do that, at least reduce on the amount of alcohol you take within the week. This will make your liver very happy and healthy enough to kick toxins out of your body.


Sometimes we incur situations that throw us into the depth of anxiety and stress, all this can get too much for your body which can cause; depression, insomnia, compulsive eating/alcohol intake, sickness many of which are not good for your body. Insomnia for example will even make the anxiety once than it is, whenever you feel like you are spiraling into such situations learn to speak to someone. Try to exercise and do stretches/ yoga to help refocus your energy and mind.

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