Smart Traveller Series: Packing for a weekend getaway

Whether you are driving down to Entebbe for a weekend at the beach, going to Jinja for a camping trip, or heading to Masaka for a festival, there are a few essentials that you should never leave home without. With the following 5 items, you are definitely ready for your weekend of fun.

1. Sunscreen.

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking you don’t need sunscreen. Other than the risk of skin cancer, exposure to the sun accelerates signs of aging. Mix a little sunscreen in with your lotion and you won’t have to deal with a sunburn on Monday morning.

2. Running Shoes

Whether you want to squeeze in a morning jog, or decide to take a walk about the town, running shoes or rubber shoes are a must have. Nothing will ruin your weekend activities more than sore aching feet as you try to explore your surroundings. A cheap pair of rubbers from the market or shoe shops will be worth every penny.

3. Water Bottle

While on holiday you need to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water means your energy levels will be up and you will be able to enjoy the weekend experience without being groggy and agitated. Pack your water bottle and keep refilling it during the day.

4. Swimsuit

It doesn’t matter what you are doing for the weekend, you always need a swimsuit. Whether you need to use the public shower at the beach or you compulsively want to jump into the crater-lake at Fort Portal. They don’t take up much space so there is no excuse to leave them at home.

5. Desert Scarf / Maasai Shuka

When you’re on holiday, function is key. Everything you pack should be as useful as possible. When you have a Maasai shuka you have no need to carry a bulky jacket if you’re out at night. It serves as a blanket while camping or if you have to sleep in the car and can be laid down to sit on if you’re going to the beach.

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