Travel Destinations Ugandans Love Most

Tourism is a big subject with so many layers that we could discuss and very often it goes hand in hand with travel. To be able to see and tour as many new places as possible and explore the world, one must be ready to travel. Whichever way you decide to get there, whether by road, by air or water it doesn’t matter as long as you get to go on the adventure of discovering a new place every so often.

Can you remember the first time you got out of your comfort zone, that regular space you were used to? There is always an excitement to venture into the unknown. The excitement of that first trip to the zoo or sugar plantation or theater! For other people it could be on a more professional level, which is quite a large number. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation one thing remains clear you learn something new.

Ugandans have recently picked up the vacationing and travel culture, recent locations seem evident as the must go to locations for most. Of course there are still the classic places people have always aspired to visit. Today we look at these popular destinations and why Ugandans love to go there so much, as we gear up to celebrate the upcoming World Tourism Day.

Mombasa (Kenya)

Popular for its white sandy beaches and scenic view, Mombasa is the perfect get away. Usually a number one choice for an affordable destination wedding, honeymoon or family trip.

Mombasa, KENYA.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Known for it’s amazing infrastructure, Dubai is a beautiful city with several fun activities and has recently become a popular travel destination for many Ugandans.Whether it’s shopping or just a family vacation, trips to Dubai have increased over the last few years.

Dubai, UAE.

London (United Kingdom)

Many Ugandans have family in London and living in the United Kingdom in general due to different reasons including; the turbulent war times in Uganda where several people had to flee there and live in exile, people who have moved there to study and those who are working there. This therefore automatically makes it a regular go to destination for Ugandans, as they often got to visit these loved ones abroad. Also famous for sights like the Big Ben.

London_United Kingdom

Paris (France)

Famous for the Eiffel Tower, Paris is considered a great romantic destination. It is popular for Honeymoon vacations. Also considered the world’s fashion capital, many people go there to shop and sometimes re-sale the clothes in several boutiques here as a business.

Paris, France.

Bethlehem and Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine)

Popular for religious purposes that is to the Christians because this was the birthplace of Jesus and the city of Jerusalem generally holds a lot of significance in the Bible especially the old testament. We all have that one relative that went to Israel and brought us back those popular shirts.

Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Annual pilgrimage to Mecca is a sacrament in order to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam. Thousands of Ugandans observe this pilgrimage so as to return as Hajjis and Hajatis.


Mecca, KSA.

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