The Magnificent Shaba National Reserve

Shaba is part of three small adjoining Savanna National Reserves that lie on either side of the Northern Ewaso Nyiro River, 340km North, North East of Nairobi (Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba). They were established in 1948 as the Samburu Isiolo Game Reserve, part of the once extensive Marsabit National Reserve. Now they are managed by their respective county councils, Samburu and Isiolo.

Has over 350 varieties of bird species with two unique ones;

  • ·         William Robinsons Sparrow Weaver
  • ·         Masked Lark

A range of common wild game and with exclusively notable

  • ·         Beisa Oryx
  • ·         Reticulated Giraffe
  • ·         Gravy Zebra
  • ·         Somali ostrich

not found in other parts of the country.

This is the land of Doum Palm trees and the Thorn tree, an anthill shaped like a tortoise and a hill in the shape of a male lion, probably the reason its called Lion’s Hill.


  • ·         Sarova Shaba
  • ·         Joys Camp

Shaba was the location for the shooting of;

  • ·         The TVB drama series The Last Break Through – rumored to be the first ever full length foreign TV series to be shot in Kenya.
  • ·         To Walk with Lionsstarring Richard Harries which unfortunately did not hit the box office as expected.
  • ·         2001’s CBS Television series Survivor 3 with an expected viewership of about 30Million Americans, a vital Kenyan Tourism Industry’s source market. Source: Magical Kenya

If you are lucky on your way to Shaba at Isiolo town, you are likely to come across hawkers selling daggers and sword sticks.

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