Reasons Why You Should Go On A Cruise

Even after years of operation, many people forget that water transport is still a lucrative way to travel whether in land or out at sea.

Although Uganda is a landlocked country, it still has the biggest share of the Victoria, the Nile amongst several other lakes and rivers that facilitate water transportation through the country. There are cruises offered by hotels and lodges that can last maximum a day which include going to the island, maybe get up close to some of Uganda’s spectacular falls or maybe a luxurious party on one of the yachts delivering revelers to the islands for a weekend away.

A cruise can be easily defined as, a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places. In most cases cruises last longer than two weeks, meaning your vacation is sorted for all those days.

When you cross the border to the coast, there are many cruises organized throughout the year that go to different countries in one trip that you would find really interesting. So why should you take a bus or flight to the coast just for a cruise?

Spend Once, Get More

The good thing about going on a cruise is that the money you pay, covers for everything including; lodgings, food, activities, and entertainment as you travel instead of flying to one place then going through the hustle of booking a hotel, searching for what to do all though your stay.

No Boredom

Unless you are one of those people do not want to go out of their way to have fun on your vacation, you will never be bored on a cruise; cruise liners are usually literally a floating city that come with a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool, spa, movie theater among many others. Meaning there are activities that you can do to keep you occupied through the trip.

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Family Friendly

So you want to get away with your family but no one seems to agree on the ideas being thrown around but you still need to get away. A cruise will do just fine; you will find child friendly activities planned for the children among their age-mates with supervisors so that the parents can have some time off for themselves and enjoy a family vacation without worrying about keeping their children entertained.

Multiple Destinations

The best part about being on cruise? Seeing the sun set in one country and waking up far from it in another country in time for breakfast and some sightseeing excursions organized by the cruise staff. You don’t need to fly thousands of miles for that but you get it in one package when on a cruise, and you don’t have to pack for it.

Easy To Plan

When you want to go for a vacation, it involves; a lot of planning, budgeting and choosing which destinations will be affordable for you. Yet when it comes to a cruise, all you need is to know where they will be docking off to and how much it will cost you then go ahead with it.

Romance On Board

Nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with the one you love while eating dinner on a huge sailing liner, or maybe watching the stars on deck at night as you rekindle your love flames. Cruise ships have so many activities that couples can do together.


Do something new for a change, don’t hold yourself back with misgivings and have an adventure. Happy sailing.

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