Quick Tips; Surviving Severe Turbulence during Flight

This month has seen a sequence of severe turbulence related injuries reported on several flights. AP reported on May 4th 2016 that an Etihad Airways Flight EY474 from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi experienced severe turbulence and thirty one passengers and crew were reported injured.

An Airbus A330-220 belonging to Hong Kong Airlines in the second most recent incident had its passengers suffer bruises with no serious injuries in Indonesia.

April this year, Khaosod, a Thai news website reported that a Boeing 777 belonging to Thai Airways on a flight from Jakarta to Bangkok experienced severe turbulence. One passenger, who by then was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown into the air injuring his head.

In January 2016, an American Airlines plane bound for Miami from Milan had to make an emergency landing in Newfoundland as a result of severe turbulence. Seven passengers and crew are reported to have been injured.

Perhaps the most traumatizing case of severe turbulence related incident was in June 2013 when a Singapore Airline flight SQ308 was said to have hit an air pocket and lost altitude injuring twelve passengers and crew.

Air turbulence graphic, Source; www.cbc.ca

It’s always important to fasten your seat belt when the captain turns on the seat belt sign.

Technically, airplanes are built to withstand these turbulence but the risk most of the times is usually in the cabin where unsecured luggage, people and other objects are likely to get thrown around.

In case you are caught up away from your seat during severe turbulence, Its important to find somewhere you can hold on to for support, preventing you from being thrown off balance injuring yourself and others. If you can, sit in the nearest empty seat and fasten the seat belt. I an event the nearest seat is occupied, hold firmly onto the armrest. An in the worst case scenario, a severe turbulence finds you in the lavatory? Worry not! grab the handles in there and hold on tight. Most importantly, always ensure you heed to the captain’s call for fastening your safety belt and always been keen to notice always when the seat belt sign goes on.

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