Most Annoying Passenger Behaviors on Flights

by Noel

I must tell you the myriad problems you have to gamble with over there  are sometimes unbearable. Having been a regular economy class flyer on different airlines, some of these observations were common features that couldn’t escape my eyes and  even sometimes…my nose! Below is a list of experiences inconsiderate passengers find good to cultivate on, at the expense of fellow passengers.

Smelly feet

Ever traveled next to a seat mate with unbearable stench from the feet? Well, It may seem quite comfortable to stay without shoes during flights but many passengers do it oblivious of the fact that their feet smell, thus causing discomfort among-st fellow passengers. While it may sound rude to inform a passenger about his or her smelly feet, believe you me, there is always that one passenger out there willing to take a stand against stinky feet. It always turns embarrassing.

Reeking of body odor and Overdone Perfumes

It might cost you nothing missing a bath but on a flight it will cost someone else the much deserved comfort. There are those who smell like skunks leaving the cabin smelling like a mobile morgue. Others wear strong perfumes leaving those allergic to perfumes breathing with their mouths, wishing they had re-thought earlier about their choice of seats. This can be annoying especially for long haul flights. The best ways to overcome such situations is to switch seats. In the case of a full plane, the overhead air spout might come in handy.

The Hurry-to-nowhere passengers

A boarding pass clearly indicates the seat number. You’ll find a number of characters rushing unnecessarily at the boarding gates inconveniencing others just to get to the plane or to their seat. Some of them claim to rush so as not to miss out luggage spaces on the overhead bins next to their seat. While it may be so, it tells a lot about a passenger’s character.

Hand-carry Syndrome

There is a special lot who just seem to be out of this world. Always, they are either carrying too many bags or oversized mini-coffins-cum-bags. When their bags cannot fit in the overhead bins, they inconvenience other passengers by putting their luggage below their seats. Should attendants query or insist on checking them, this becomes the genesis of un-ending showdowns and finally ‘a demand to talk to the captain.’

A piss every 30 minutes

Unless in cases of those with medical conditions that necessitate regular visits to the good room, there are some fellas obsessed with lavatories of a plane. They go to relive themselves every now and then. In the process they inconvenience crew with trolleys serving other passengers. From the lavatories they go on opening overhead bins to pick ‘something’ from their bags, before they take their seats to repeat all that every 30mins.


Ever sat next to this kind of guy? Always on phone, for about one hour before the plane departs. He doesn’t even bother to switch the phone off when instructed. Talks so loud, mentioning obscene figures that automatically tell you he is in businesses of dealing with serious huge numbers. After that, he will open the laptop lid, start typing so loud till forever more. When he is finished he will start giving you stories of how he recovered from 2008 recession or how Brexit has affected his globetrotting till you start wondering why he isn’t on Business Class. Then, the next 5 hrs of your flight will just be about that and nothing else until you excuse yourself for a nap.

Un-ruly children

The best place to identify an irresponsible parent is on a plane. As much as children are a blessing, some of them may not be quite a ‘blessing’ on a flight. Some parents think flight attendants are daycare nannies. They recline their seats, sleep and forget their children, unaware of the dangers they expose their children to. You find some children left to run up and down during flight. It doesn’t bother these parents to check on their kids even when seat belts sign pops up assuming that it’s the crew’s responsibility.

The Food and Drug Administration prohibits attendants from handling garbage of any kind while serving food, but a bunch of other illiterate parents never mind handing over dirty diapers to flight attendants. They do not even bother to ask where to change a baby’s diaper.  All this,..while an airplane has a changing table in the bathroom.

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