Leonardo Dicaprio and I have Something in Common!!

When Leonardo Dicaprio won the Oscars, he took the opportunity to divert the limelight away from himself and to something that is close to his heart, and mine,( I can now confidently say that the handsome star and I have something in common hahaha 😆 😆 🙄 😉 ) – Climate Change! For most of us, the subject of climate seems indigestible or we feel like we are not in a position to do anything. So we keep silent and hope that things will improve, or worse still, we don’t hope at all.

Well, I have good news; you can do something about it. Today I will share some things you can do every day to protect the earth.

Switch Off lights when not in use

This probably sounds like an obvious statement. You will be surprised at the high number of people who leave lights on in the bedroom or kitchen while they watch TV in the living room. For most people, they justify this habit by saying the pay the bills. It takes a lot of energy to bring power to our homes, have you looked at the Fuel Cost Charge component of your Kenya Power bill? Switch off lights, save energy.

Turn off your taps

According to UNWater, 783 Million people do not have access to clean water. That leaking tap you’ve been ignoring for weeks is wasting a resource that some people can only dream of. Water is not a renewable resource, let us stop wasting it. Teach members of your household to turn off taps, to use the minimum water possible and to reuse water when they can. You may not think it makes any difference to the increasing stress on freshwater resources, but if we cultivate this habit in our children and those around us, we will make a difference.

Minimize the use of plastics

Rwanda blazed the trail in Africa and banned the use of plastic bags. I hear their streets are now rid of the eyesore that is plastic bags. I haven’t been there, I hope I get a chance to visit Rwanda soon.

Kigali City. source: thebuddhasaidiamawake.com
Kigali City. source: thebuddhasaidiamawake.com

For those living in countries where the bags are allowed, we just have to be responsible. I cannot underplay the convenience these bags allow us, but we just have to be responsible we use/discard them. Look at the photo below; does it break your heart like it breaks mine?

Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

When you go grocery shopping, it would be better to carry a bag from home, in the supermarket, tell the attendants to combine as many items as is possible, better still, you could get a reusable bag for your shopping.

Lets Talk Cars

Now, in Africa, no, I will say Nairobi because I live here, a car is a serious status symbol. People think it reflects how deep ones pockets are. Let me not go into the details of this phenomenon now. If you like to drive to work, may I suggest you carpool with your neighbors. If you can, leave the car at home during the week and use it only over the weekends. I know this is a tall order for some people, especially because our public transport system is very chaotic, but if you consider you’re saving mother earth, its worth it. You can use the time off the wheel to reply to your texts or read a good book. If all these are still not for you, when you’re buying a car, check its fuel efficiency.I know Mercedes does so well here but the price tag and maintenance costs are quite prohibitive. Still, instead of buying a car to impress, try and buy a car you need. For instance, if you do not have a family, consider getting something small. It will get you from A-B and your emissions will be much less than if you got a fuel guzzler. Service your car on time, a well maintained car is fuel efficient. I intend to tackle this more in future posts. O lastly, you really do not need to take a boda boda or taxi for that 15minutes walk distance. Your heart and the environment will thank you for it 

Eat local

When shopping for food, if you buy from your local market, you are first of all promoting our local farmers. Secondly, since they are transported via road and not being flown in from another country, the emissions are much less. In addition, if you can, buy organic. You will not have to worry about artificial fertilizers and pesticides. I know this is not easy because organic farmers are so few, making the produce so expensive. Lets all hope they will increase in number in future days.

Mahindi Choma
Mahindi Choma

We are stewards of the earth. We will be here for a while then leave it for our children. It is our God given responsibility to take care of it. I will end this post by quoting Wangari Maathai, “I will be a humming bird.”

Do your little thing, it will count.

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