A Glimpse at the Western Kenya Tourist Circuit

Probably the least known but the most unspoilt, the circuit stretches from the green (tea) country, Kericho, to South West Islands of Rusinga and up north Kakamega Forest.

The tea country is densely populated and widely cultivated featuring small shambas to tea plantations. Kericho is the tea capital, with vast tea plantations visible from the main roads. To the west is Lake Victoria, the world’s largest fresh water lake after Canada’s Lake Superior. On its shores lie Kisumu City, the regional capital and Kenya’s third largest town.

In Lake Victoria are Rusinga Islands, the place Mary Leakey discovered the skul of Proconsul Africanus, a primitive anthropoid ape that lived on Rusinga three million years ago, and Mfangano, a center of pre-history famous for its rock art.

Up North, is the famous Kakamega Forest Reserve, a lowland forest renowned for its abundant wildlife. On the Ugandan border to the west lies the rugged wilderness of Mt.Elgon National Park, famous for its bat-filled caves and salt-mining elephants.

Some 27km north of Kitale-Lodwar road from Kitale town lies Saiwa Swamp, unique and of its kind in that, accessibility to the park is only by foot. The park is traversed by some 18km of walking trails and timbered walkways. It has four timbered observation towers, climbed to get an Ariel view of the swamp and its inhabitants. Saiwa Swamp remains the only place in Kenya the endangered Sitatunga antelope relatively habituates to the proximity of humans.

Sitatunga : Source AWF

The Sitatunga (Tragelaphus Spekei) is named after John Hanning Speke, who discovered the source of the Nile at Lake Victoria in 1858. Other wildlife there includes the rare de Braza’s monkey, otter, genet cat, serval cat, mongoose, bushbuck, ratel and 372 bird species such as the blue-headed coucal.

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