Into Africa’s Best Beach

Voted as the top beach destination by the 2014’s World Travel Award, Diani does not disappoint. This world renowned destination is a favorite with top celebrities as well as the corporate league and holiday makers with a taste for virgin, uninterrupted natural beaches.

Once here, forget the worries of depreciating markets, non-appreciating relations, the bedlam of the urbanites, and just soak your anxieties in the shallow waters hugging the shore line. The sands seem to kiss and soak in the sun’s rays, just the perfect set up for sunbathing. When done with collecting shells and memorabilia, jog your senses and instinct while indulging in your maji ya madafu, and then score in the beach volleyball or just go snookering down with the sharks. One  about this idyllic destination, is that you cannot have an idle moment!

Incorporating Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Chale Island, Funi Island, Msambeni and Kinondo, Diani offers a myriad of relation activities such as deep sea fishing, sun set cruises, kite surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and more.

Chale Island

Located about 10 kilometers from Diani, Chale Island is the ultimate escape for travelers looking for a serene, quiet and exotic location surrounded by mangrove forests and turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This picturesque location is a haven for honeymooners and those looking for exclusivity. Apart from idyllic sunbathing, you can take walks along the 1.3 long beach, explore the forests full of monkeys and bush babies or just enjoy sundowner cruises and soak in the fading orange sun ball. Chale borrows the exotic name from a fallen Digo (a tribe from the area) warrior who is celebrated annually in a spectacular ritual, if lucky enough you can catch the tradition!

Chale Island
Chale Island

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

When did you last hug a tree? It’s an experience that’s fun and cheery as well as quite therapeutic.
When done with diving and snookering, any naturalist will love to slip in their hiking shoes for a walk under the whispers of giant mangroves, chattering monkeys and above all, stomp an educative trail full of insights into the Mijikenda traditions and rituals.The forests were and still are considered to be an intrinsic source of ritual power and cultural identity and a great source of medicinal herbs.

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest
Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Dhow Safari

To my heart’s imagine, dhow safaris must be the equal answer to air balloons and Diani has just the best experience you’ll find on the East African coast. Whether for an intimate sundowner for honeymooner or a dawn treasure hunt for the explorer, Diani has something for everyone. There are a number of reputable companies operating the water safari as well as providing very conversant guides for the tour. The safari may pass through different villages and head to Wasini Island for sumptuous lunch and snookering or head to the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park for further exploration.

Dhow Safari pic by DianiBeach-Kenya
Dhow Safari pic by DianiBeach-Kenya



If there’s one thing that separates Diani’s culinary from the rest of East Africa’s gastronomic exploits, then it must be the freshness of the seafood and the skillful touch of respective chef. There are a number of sea front restaurants with great ambience and cheerful staff as well as reasonable pricing. You can also try the local foods including pilau biryani, madafu, samakiwakupaka and the popular traditional alcohol made from coconut.

Shopping In Diani

If planning for a holiday in Diani, there is no need for packing a lot of stuff as the shopping center has both malls and open markets that cater for everything. You can shop at Nakumatt for living essentials and shop for fruits from the open air-market vendors if you are staying in an apartment. There are curio traders along the streets that will give you memorable buys for a good bargain.

Hotels And Accomodation

Diani has the best accommodation across a range of pricing and corresponding services. You can get a wide range of selection onJovago_dianihotels

Fun Fact

Diani is a global destination for whale watchers and biologists, a perfect location for up-close watching and annual tagging expeditions.This season runs from lateFebruary to mid-March and attracts quite a crowd.

Safety:  It’s safe to walk around virtually everywhere in the daytime and downtown doesn’t shut down until well into the evening. Remember however, to be cautious and wave down a taxi if you need to move around in the night.

Money:  Kenya Shillings, All International Credit Card (Visa; MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

Exchange Rate:

Country Code: +254

Main Airport: Moi International Airport.

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