Handling The Kampala Heatwave

Kampala has been experiencing a heavy heatwave for the past few months with a little rain here and there for some days, then right back to the heat. A heat wave is an extended period of extreme heat, often accompanied by high humidity. Prolonged periods of high temperatures and high humidity can be very dangerous for your health. In extreme heat and humidity, evaporation is slowed and your body has to work very hard to maintain a normal temperature. The heat can be rather too much since most Ugandans are used to a mixture of both rainy and sunny days that are not extremely hot. We have a few recommendations on how to handle the heat wave and what not to do to avoid heat associated accidents.


Drinking water or juice during the hot season is the most obvious way to handle the increase in environmental temperatures around us. You need to have enough cool water with you wherever you go to be safe. There are several shops that sell portable water bottles that you can fill with juice or water and the best part is most of them regulate the temperatures of their contents. Or make sure you stock up on drinking water if you don’t boil the water at your home.

Stay Indoors

If you don’t have to leave the house you can stay in doors especially for people who can do their work at home. The concrete walls on our homes help protect us from the heat, so it is better than being outside in the direct heat.

Dress Appropriately

Stay away from heavy material clothing since they hold in the heat, do not wear sweaters, or leather and very tight clothes. Wear light colored clothes and material such as; Linen, chiffon and cotton which are usually referred to as breathing material because they don’t hold in sweat or heat, keeping your body fresh enough for the heat.

Look out for the Vulnerable

People handle heat related issues differently especially the old, sickly and young. Don’t let children play for long hours in the heat especially during weekends, the heat affects them more easily than adults. Pregnant women have to be monitored too because the heat is rather extreme on their bodies. If someone is sick as well as old, make sure they stay indoors to avoid any extreme effects on their health during the heat because it can get dangerous.

Reduce Your Workouts

We all love staying fit and trim, but the hot season is not the time to over exert your body. If you are to work out avoid heavy and strenuous routines and stick to the light ones, do not workout during the hottest times of the day being; 11am to 3pm. You can do early morning workouts and late evening, but avoid heavy traffic areas due to accidents.

Try Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise during the heat since the water regulates your body temperature and keeps you cool at the same time keeping you fit. You can use the hot season to polish up on your swimming skills and enjoy the hot days too instead of not having much to do.

Do not Leave Children in Cars

If you are always traveling with your children in cars, please avoid leaving them in cars under the heat especially when you have to do a short dash into a market or store. Do park under a shade, leave your windows down or just take them along to whatever short thing you are running for.

Buy a Fan or Air Conditioner

Fans are not hard to find around Kampala, so please buy one for the nights and days when the heat is too extreme. It helps to stay cool and if you can afford an air conditioning unit, you can have one installed into your house. There’s nothing better than walking into a cool place after being in the heat all day.

Eat light

On hot days, try eating more green than usual or drink as much juice as possible. When having a full meal, eat in phases and small portions. Salads and juice are good for your body within this season and any foods that are rich in proteins. Avoid alcohol and too much salt as much as possible and try replacing them with water.


Heavy Makeup

Keep away from heavy makeup ladies, your skin needs to breath when it’s too hot and if you are to wear makeup use mostly that with oil free ingredients. You need to protect your skin so always apply very light makeup and drink a lot of water to detox or keep wet wipes in your bag for moments when you need to wipe it off easily or cool off.


If you can, take frequent showers during the day and night. Your water bill will be a little higher, but your body won’t get a heat stroke or you have several wet towels in the house to use during the hot parts of the day.

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