Funny Encounters at Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East has got to be one of those Parks I walk into and; baboons & warthogs look at me like we’ve met before.

I believe this has got to do with the events of a day like today a few years back.

We were outdoors camping, I didn’t realize I had pitched my tent at the exit of a warthog’s den, until the ugly hours of the night when the warthog decided to take a stroll.

Buddies hitch a ride.

It hit the tent so hard from below that I had to take a moment of silence!..that confusion realm of reckoning that exists between the normal world and slumberland when you are dizzy,.. followed by complete silence before I started wailing like a burro!..

I ducked out of the tent and fell with a thud.

For a minute I thought that the marauding lions of Tsavo had come calling, little did I know it was a warthog.

The confused warthog swirled like a tornado, with my tent on its head before dissapearing into the thick darkness. There was no way I would have followed in pursuit. I spent the night on cold seats of a cruiser.

The following morning the tent was collected 500 yards away, not so far away from a congress of baboons who were having a field day with my toiletries and sleeping bag.

Notably, the most juvenile among them was licking toothpaste with my toothbrush in its mouth.

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