Four Interesting Facts about Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. In the USA and Europe it is quite popular for highly discounted prices, so much so that people camp out overnight just to be first in line at the most popular stores; mostly electronics and household goods. Here is a little more information into what is known as the discount holiday.

1. The first city to popularize the term ‘Black Friday’ was Philadelphia. It came from police officers who would be frustrated by the congestion caused by scores of shoppers on that day. Retailers, unhappy with being associated with traffic and smog tried to rename it ‘Big Friday’ in 1961 but the term didn’t stick.

2. Some say Black Friday refers to “going into the black”, a phrase that depicts a company making mass profit. This could be true, since holiday sales make up the bulk of consumer spending for the year.

3. Black Friday is now an international affair. Retailers worldwide now offer special discounts for this holiday whether or not the country celebrates Thanksgiving. In 2015, even Uganda has much to be grateful for!

4. will be having some amazing offers this Black Friday, not to be missed! This year it isn’t just about electronics and home appliances. Don’t be left behind!

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