Five Lessons Businesses Can Learn from The RWC 2015

Rugby World Cup is over, what did you learn? Let me know what you think. On the 31st of October 2015, New Zealand beat Australia to take the World Cup. Sports bars all over Kampala were packed, Ugandans were supporting their teams with spirit worthy of the final! After all is said and done, the games were exciting, the atmosphere electric and we did get to learn a thing or two.

1. Never under-estimate the underdog!

He has nothing to lose. Japan vs SA was meant to be a walk over. But South Africa made one mistake, they under-estimated Japan. As a business you should never make this mistake. Always work as if your competition is doing ten times better than you.

2. Almost doesn’t ever count.

SA almost beat New Zealand in the semis, Scotland almost beat Australia. Almost doesn’t count. When doing business aim to be the best, not the second best.

3. Sometimes old is gold and tradition usually wins.

Will you challenge tradition? Despite everybody assuming a new team would take the cup, New Zealand came through as top. Sometimes, especially in hospitality, it is best to stick to the traditional way of doing things. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be innovative, just to be cautious.

4. There’s nothing better than having a beer with some friends over a game and some good eats!

The business angle. Jovago besides offering seasonal vouchers, encourages hotels to offer quality dining services and maximize on seasonal events, sports world cups, Christmas, valentines. Play into the hands of the season and go all in. Everyone is impressed by effort!

5. Humility takes the heart of the crowd.

We saw All Blacks player, Sonny Bill embrace his young fan who wrestled through security to meet his idol. Beyond that Sonny gave the 14-year-old boy his medal to keep. Stay humble when it comes to your business. Never feel too big to handle a situation, all clients love a cheerful, helpful host.

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