Five Kinds of Travelers

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone travels for the same reasons. While you’re out discovering the world, you are likely to notice how different every traveler is. Here are the five different travelers you are likely to meet on vacation.

1. The Scholar

The scholar is the type of traveler looking for intellectual enrichment. They are looking to gain knowledge and understanding of the culture, history, architecture and even the cuisine of the places they visit. Europe is a popular destination for scholarly travelers. Their itineraries feature guided city tours and museum visits.

2. The Tourist

The tourist has limited time and tries to see and experience as much as possible within that short period of time. They pack in tour after tour with no breaks in-between. You’ll find they have every travel app known to man from TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to Jovago and Echo112. They schedule their trips and stay strictly to the schedule.

3. The Backpacker

The backpacker is the traveler who would rather spend less and stay longer. The backpacker will plan an open ended trip with no return flight. They are extremely conscious of how much they spend and will never be found at four star hotels unless they’re there just to use the pool and WiFi. They usually stay at hostels and backpackers lodges for budget reasons as well as connecting with new and interesting people. The backpacker has an open itinerary so they are free to tag along for activities with their new-found friends.

4. The Explorer

The explorer is looking to see and experience new things and go on adventures. They are looking to Bungee Jump over the Nile, zip-line in Lugazi and scale Rwenzori all in the same week. Ordinary is never in their vocabulary when planning their vacations.

5. The Escapist

The escapist is looking to get as far away from their normal life as possible; both geographically and conceptually. If they’re from a big city they want to spend a week at Ssese Islands, away from all the hassles of the city. The escapist could also be a small town dweller looking to enjoy the nightlife and party hard in the metropolitan city of Kampala.

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