Five Gifts for the Constant Traveler

Last minute Christmas gift shopping is what makes the season so special. There’s no need to be anxious about what to get for your friend who is always on the road. Here are five perfect gifts for the constant traveler.

1. Power Bank

The best thing you could give anyone, traveler or not, is a good quality power bank. Some can hold enough power to fully charge a laptop twice. In 2015 everything we have uses power, and the best thing to have on a long trip is fully charged electronics!

2. Universal Adapter

Because incompatible appliances are enough to make you pull your hair out! Every traveler has experienced the disappointment that comes with wanting to plug in your computer and realizing your plug won’t fit.

3. Bluetooth speakers

While you’re on the road, you may have the sudden urge to turn your hotel room into a movie theatre, or better yet, have an indoor dance party. Wireless speakers make sure you have the best sound wherever you go.

4. Waterproof phone case

These days everyone wants to take their phone to the pool or the beach. Don’t miss out on great shots for fear of your phone getting wet. The waterproof case is a great gift for the selfie lover who doesn’t want to worry.

5. Some more travel!

The ultimate gift for a traveler is definitely more travel! has e-gift cards for the season. This means you can buy a gift card for any amount and give it to your loved one to spend on a hotel of their choice.

Author : Tourite

Tourite Safaris is one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Kenya. We offer a one-stop solution to travelers and corporate organizations. Our tour packages bring a unique aspect of culture, natural wild, unimaginable beach experiences taking you to the most hidden treasures of East Africa.

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