Networking Platform For Tourism Industry Launches

A first of its kind networking platform for the Tourism Industry has been launched. 3 Bays Over is a networking platform for tourism professionals and currently has peers from over 150 countries. It is absolutely free to join. Actually, I have been a member for a while now. I got an invite from Andy, the Chief Executive Officer. 3 Bays Over is a great avenue for sharing expertise and opportunities, and provides a perfect platform for building relationships among members.

3BaysOver, Lausanne, Switzerland; After ITB Berlin closed its doors last Sunday, 3BaysOver officially launches its online B2B-networking platform for the global tourism industry. Tourism professionals can now sign up to 3BaysOver and instantly network with their peers from over 150 countries. Users can search for and communicate with tourism professionals, showcase themselves and their companies, promote business events, and manage membership directories.

9 out of 10 industry professionals state that existing networking tools are not adequate for their business needs*. They demand tourism-focused tools that allow them to connect and collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. Trade events – ranging from local meet-ups to global fairs like ITB Berlin – have until now defined what tourism networking is all about. While such physical get-togethers will remain staples in the tourism industry, an increasingly digital world requires higher levels of customisation, immediacy, and accessibility. Tourism professionals can no longer depend solely on occasional and costly face-to-face meetings.

“For the past forty years, little has changed in how the B2B side of the industry operates, relying largely on paper communications and infrequent in-person meetings to get deals done,” said Andy Ryan, CEO of 3BaysOver. “However, the tourism industry is all about relationships and trust. Building relationships and creating trust can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced business environment. 3BaysOver has been designed to allow all tourism buyers, sellers and service providers to network and collaborate with their partners in a trusted environment online.”

Networking is Free of Charge on 3BaysOver

Access to the 3BaysOver network is completely free for individuals and companies, thereby making networking available to everyone in the industry – regardless of company size, location, or budget. 3BaysOver aims, in particular, to level the playing field for tourism companies with limited resources, by making networking tools more accessible and attainable. Indeed, much of the expertise and local knowledge in the industry is held by tourism professionals in remote regions who do not have easy access to trade fairs and networking events.

“My family and I own an ecolodge located in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. It takes six hours from the closest town by car and boat to reach our lodge. It is this remoteness that makes it such an attractive place to visit, but it also limits us when it comes to the way we promote ourselves within the industry. We can’t always justify the time and cost associated with trade fairs and other networking events. 3BaysOver’s online platform has opened a new world of networking opportunities to us,” said Stefano Raffo, Co-Founder of Tambo Blanquillo Lodge.

Every Part of the Industry Value Chain Will Benefit

The platform is also a great tool for larger tourism organizations, as it allows them to carry out continual networking with stakeholders all over the world and facilitates collaboration with business contacts in different markets. “Turismo Chile has a full schedule of tourism promotional activities all over the world for 2016. We look forward to communicating and keeping in touch with stakeholders using 3BaysOver,” said Debbie Feldman, Director General of Chile’s NTO, Turismo Chile.

At the country level, 3BaysOver also streamlines the flow of news and information. Anish Neupane, Director of GAPNepal, a tour operator in Nepal which offers adventure tours as well as community-based activities for volunteers, says: “3BaysOver gives my company the sort of visibility in the industry which up until now has been impossible to achieve. More importantly, however, 3BaysOver provides a highly effective way for Nepal as a destination to communicate with the rest of the industry about reconstruction efforts in the wake of the 2014 earthquake, which greatly affected tourist arrivals.”

A Growing Talent Pool of Tourism Professionals

3BaysOver has additionally proven to be a great tool for matching young tourism professionals with companies looking for new talent. Detailed personal profile pages double as digital resumes, allowing potential employers to search through profiles for the perfect candidate.

“We had been searching for a new Country Leader in East Africa for a while. It wasn’t easy because we couldn’t physically send someone there to look for an individual who met all our requirements. Then one day, Agnes from Uganda reached out to me via 3BaysOver and applied for the position. It was great because I could quickly see all of her experience in responsible tourism on her profile page without needing to leave the platform,” said Violaine Pierre, Visit.Org’s Chief Operating Officer. hired Agnes shortly thereafter.

How it Works

3BaysOver allows tourism professionals to sign up, complete their personal profile pages, and add information such as professional experience and expertise. They can also add company profile pages, which, in turn, allow them to publish their companies’ business events, and manage membership directories. The newsfeed, mentions, and private messaging help users discover and keep in touch with business partners. And search – together with the industry’s most comprehensive classification system – allows users to find information that matters most to them.

Exclusive Early Access for Kenyan Tourism Professionals

In order to ensure that all members of 3BaysOver are tourism professionals, access to the platform is by invitation only. However, we invite your readers to sign up today using this exclusive early access link:

Networking in the tourism industry has been slow to adapt to the new and ever-changing needs of the professionals who depend on it. Current tools lack the engagement and immediacy that people have come to expect in today’s digital world. 3BaysOver offers a real solution to these problems and provides all tourism companies, regardless of location or resources, with easy access to industry networking tools, all year-round and free of charge.

Author : Tourite

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