Exploring the Art Galleries of Nairobi

Kenya’s rich heritage makes it one of the best places to travel and learn about culture, people, wildlife. Associated with the cradle of mankind, makes it rich for information. Art is highly appreciated in Kenya with a variety of collection and creative pieces inspired by rural or urban life or day to day occurrence.

Abstract art is also a major creative area where artists use their imagination to create vivid imagery. From the several cultures it’s a perfect melting pot bringing together over 40 communities. With such a history, it’s almost impossible not to encounter a gallery showcasing this rich art and culture as our Jovago.com travel enthusiast unravels the several galleries you can find within Nairobi city.

The ArtZ Gallery

It is located within the Village Market, one of Nairobi’s busiest shopping malls. Exhibiting African paintings, sculptures and ornaments – all under one roof – you can have them at a price. Artworks from various artist will leave you in awe just how much Africa and Kenya as a whole is rich in culture.

The ArtZ Gallery, source: villagemarket-kenya.com

Kuona Trust

Kuona is Swahili for “to see”. This gallery has all to offer for visual art lovers. They have several exhibition points and work spaces for artists. With international exchange program and workshops, it is not only a showroom for art but also training ground for artists.

kuona trust’ image source; patrick mureithi blog

The Godown Art Center

It is one of the famous art centres within Nairobi. Housed in what used to be a car repair warehouse, the centre has often hosted the who is who on the Kenyan art scene. Several gigs like Nai Ni Who?, which celebrates the potential of the city in the sun – Nairobi. How about attending their monthly themed event – Godown Gig – which hosts musical acts, bands and celebrated artists from Kenya and around the continent.

The GoDownArt Center, image source; afrotourism.com

The Nairobi Gallery

Situated at the heart of Nairobi, with a long history running from the colonial era. It’s housed in what used to be a registration point for births and deaths before Kenya got its independence. It is marked as a national monument by National Museums of Kenya. If you want to learn about Kenya’s rich history then why not visit the Nairobi gallery?

Nairobi Gallery, image source; watalii.com

The Banana Art Gallery

Promoting local artwork like colorful paintings and sculptures reflecting the rich African history. It is located at the Banana hill area and prides itself as a hub for artists to come together and make use of the freedom of expression. Some of the artworks can be purchased online.

Banana Hill Art Gallery, image source; sanaamtaani.org

The Utamaduni Art Center

As the name suggests, it is a place where you can get a full glimpse of Kenyan culture. With several craft shops, you will only be spoilt for choice. Taking a souvenir with you after you visit is not much of a problem. The prices of the paintings, wood carvings and ornaments are pocket friendly and all items are of good quality too. Next time you are in Nairobi, get some time and sample the distinctively authentic Kenyan art and culture.

Utamaduni Crafts Centre, image source; projects-worldwide.org

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