Enjoy the Wild in the Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara is a large game reserve in the Narok County. It is famous for its exceptional lions, leopards, cheetah and the annual migration of zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, and the wildebeest to and from Serengeti between July and October.

They normally cross through the Mara River, the migration is among the wonders of the world. Wondering what you can enjoy at Masai Mara? Travel specialists from Jumia Travel – Africa’s leading hotel-booking website answer this question.

How to get there

It is accessible by flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport and from Samburu, Lewa Downs, Nanyuki or Mombasa. After landing you need to transfer by car to your particular lodge or camp. The flight from Nairobi takes about half an hour. If you choose to go by road you will take five to six hours to get there from Nairobi.

Things to do

If you have been longing for a trip to see the Big Five this is definitely the place to be. The flora and fauna found here is captivating. There are also bird species which will interest you. The rainy season is April-May and November. In these periods parts of the Mara get muddy and inaccessible. The dry season occurs from July to October. The dry season is often the best time to visit as the animals can be seen grazing.

Game drives

Cheetah getting so close…
The safaris takes one to where the wildlife are found.

The game reserve has 4×4 vans with open hatches to give you the amazing view of the wildlife and a chance for photography. If you want to do bush breakfast or sun downers it can be done here as you watch the silhouette of the setting sun.

Nature walks

Some parts of the game reserve are not prone to predators giving you the perfect opportunity to literally walk in the wild. Keep in mind to take a guide with you, they know the place well. The walks mean you can have a close view of the animals, the zebras, giraffes and the elephants.


There are several campsites in the Mara where you can relax yourself in the wild. If you are on a honeymoon this will be very enticing, there are around thirty camps making you spoilt for choice.

Balloon safaris

Hot air balloon in the Mara
Enjoying the view from the sky is pretty exciting and the breathtaking balloon is something to die for! You can have the bird eyes view from the sky plus it is an amazing ride that is double fun isn’t it?

Maasai villages

The Maasai people of Kenya live in homesteads called manyatta. They have preserved their culture even in the face of westernization. Their rich culture can help you learn more as you can engage in their dance. Warning! The dance is very vigorous, you may have eat something to replenish you afterwards. The Maasai are known to make artefacts like bracelets, bangles, African sandals which you can buy at an affordable price. You can buy these as souvenirs.

Where to stay

There are larger camps than those in the private conservancies. Numerous luxury lodges, tented camps are here to meet your taste. Because you need to add an extra sparkle in your life going to the Masai Mara would be the perfect plan.

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