Easter Road Trip Fun on Budget

The long awaited Easter holidays and we know several people are going to do something special with family and friends. Then of course there are those who do not have plans because the holidays might find them in a tight financial spot.


The first thing is to plan ahead, make a plan about where you are headed with your friends or family. It is important to have a well detailed plan before the trip with itinerary about what you will do when you get there because this helps you get to know how much you will spend when you get to your destination.

Planning is also vital especially when you have to allocate tasks to everyone in your group during the journey instead of scrambling in confusing when an issue that can be solved easily arises.


When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, it is important to calculate how much you will spend on the journey which includes fuel, food, lodgings, ticket fare for places where you need to pay to enter (especially if you are going to the National parks, zoo, museum) and of course the random nights around town for a good time with the friends.

Everything has to be planned for even the miscellaneous items that might not be on the budget but just appear at the end without you expecting it. Your budget will save you from spending money that you do not have then come back home after a trip to regrets and debt.


Most destinations away from town have different prices of accommodation that vary with the standards of their rooms varying. Its advisable to do your research, go onto Jovago.com and compare the prices with the rooms offered just to be sure before you pack up and get to your destination without being sure about where you are going to stay. Certain hotels on the site offer up 20% discount during holidays so book always book early to avoid inconvenience.

It is also important to remember that if you are traveling as a group, dormitory accommodation or rooms that can accommodate more than four people will be better and save you on costs.

When going to visit parks out of town, pick a hotel close by because they will be cheaper than those within the parks.


When it comes to transportation, as a group you have to decide whether you are going to use public means to avoid fuel costs or get a car and have a fun road trip together making crazy memories together.

Public transport includes buses or taxis, with buses you will find several companies in different regions where you can book ahead and inform them how many seats you need while taxis it’s a matter of just walking into the park then locate the taxi heading to your destination and you are set to go.

When using private means, always use a fuel friendly vehicle, one that you know won’t have to “chew a hole through your wallet” during the journey but also big enough for your whole group to fit and carry luggage too.

Make sure to have fun on your journey, don’t just spend time on your phone put the phone away and just lean into the road trip. You don’t want to miss an important sighting, go and create memories.

Author : Tourite

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