Destination of the Week: Mount Longonot

Spectacular, unique and one of its type – this is how one could name Mount Longonot, a stunning stratovolcano located southeast from Lake Naivasha. Travel specialists from – Africa’s leading hotel booking website – are advising on how to prepare for trekking and where to stay.

Hiking, as long as it is done safely and with a proper gear, is a great body workout. It strengthens not only your muscles, but also your mind. Climbing the Mount Longonot is not too demanding, but it is important to remember and follow some safety rules.

Before you even set off, make sure you are wearing proper shoes – covered with a solid sole – and carry a cap as well as a raincoat. The weather can be unpredictable and no one wants to suffer from a stroke or get a cold the next day. A good thing to consider is bright clothes. In case of emergency, they usually work much better than camouflage as you are more visible to people. On top of that, make sure you carry a bottle of water and some energizing snacks with you – a banana or a chocolate bar would do.

Once you decide to set off, try to hike in a group. A “buddy system” is always safer than going on your own. As long as going up the mountain is relatively safe, you need to be careful if you decide to go around the crater. In some places the paths gets really steep and narrow, so it is advised to keep your eyes wide open.

If you are coming from Nairobi, Mount Longonot can be visited within one day, but for travelers coming from more distant cities, there are plenty of hotels and guest houses in the area. The nearest city being Naivasha, you have a huge variety of accommodation options to choose from.

Kiangazi House (5*)
Kiangazi House is a dream location for all those who fancy luxury. With a view to Lake Naivasha, you can take a rest swimming after a whole day of hiking. It literally feels like home!

Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort (3*)
Built with a brick and surrounded by lushy gardens, is a great place not only for weekend getaways but also for longer retreat stays.

Masada Hotel (2*)
Located close to the highway and well commuted with both Nairobi and Naivasha Masada Hotel, is a wonderful place to stay at after climbing the mountain. You can relax by the pool or take a rest in a garden while eating tasty food from their on-site restaurant.

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