Crazy Deals from Jumia Travel this Black Friday!

Jumia Travel has announced the second big day of the company’s Black Friday fortnight, that has seen a number of flash offers, discounted bargains and pocket-friendly packages go on sale via the company’s online platform –

Commenting on the sale now in it’s second season after a successful debut in 2015, Estelle Verdier  Managing Director for Jumia Travel termed the customer response as, “receptive, curious and very positive” explaining that the travel industry has shown great efficiency in adapting to new market trends, thus sees no reason for hoteliers and related players not to tap into global calendars, seasonal deals and cycles that could mean high conversions for them.

A study by global research firm reports that the global hotel industry revenue generates approximately between 400 and 500 billion U.S dollars in annual revenue, while Euromonitor International predicted a growth of the same to cross the 550 billion U.S. dollar by close of 2016. Although this may vary through the seasons depending on key drivers, the study listed major performance indicators in the hotel sector performance as the Average Daily Rate (ADR), revenue per available room (RevPar), and the occupancy rate.

Black Friday Means Big Bargains for Holidayers

  • Kenya and Africa at large embracing the somewhat “Western” tradition. Different retailers are already offering holiday promotions.

  • Leading eCommerce firm, Jumia Group kicked off an early season; sale began 14th November, holiday buyers enjoyed a 30% discount on the night of 17th October –  dubbed, “Jumia Travel Day” while shoppers on Jumia Mall and Jumia Market continue to enjoy massive bargains.

  • Estelle Verdier, Managing Director for Jumia Travel says company proud to have introduced the concept in the continent’s travel and accommodation sector, upbeat for season’s returns.

Although the global tourism trends are changing to embrace other types of travel such as business, conferencing, voluntourism and even the advent of dark tourism, the sector still treats the holiday season as it’s major ‘peak’, with players putting in extra efforts in marketing activities, special ratings and even re-designing packages to fit the jolly season.

Says Estelle, “we are experiencing a shift in culture and lifestyle; where travel was once treated as a luxury. People are now more open to exploring destinations beyond their familial christmas visits. As it is, the younger generation seems to attach more value to gaining memories and experiences gathered through travel adventures, as opposed to the insatiable need to own stuff.”

The second Jumia Travel Black Friday flash sale will take place on at the drop of midnight on Thursday, 24th November.

Marked a day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday traditionally referred to the day of the year when retailers would, after a year-long of making losses (made in red ink), enter a profit in their margins in black ink.  The day would see happy Americans high on the offerings of Thanksgiving hit the retail to shop and gift, thereby setting mood for the holiday season. For the Wall Street however, Black Friday was darker than black, with the prices of gold hitting rocket heights due to a well thought out but unscrupulous deal, which saw the stock market crumble to crawling heights!

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