Common Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are so many issues that travelers overlook on their journeys; a lot of this stems from a number of reasons that may include time and poor planning. It doesn’t only happen to first time travelers but seasoned ones too and some of them can be easily avoided as you will read below.

Over Planning

There is such a thing as out planning your trip that it seems to follow a sort of schedule; nothing wrong with setting plans and itinerary for travels but it is also good to sometimes veer off the track and go with the flow especially if you are on vacation. After all you went on holiday to get away from the daily routine that has been your life everyday.

Not Researching

There are very few people that actually do a thorough research before planning for their holiday trips; you end up going to a place and didn’t bother to look up simple issues that could easily spoil or make your trip even more fun. Some of the finds of your research usually help determine what you might need for your trip and highly influence your itinerary and therefore it’s important to make sure you look up your destination choices before jetting there.

Spent Out

The excitement one gets when they travel is not as much as that one gets when they find a cheap place to buy or eat from when they reach their destination. This excitement usually leads to unplanned spending and there’s nothing worse than running out of money in a place far away from home with no similar banking facilities as the ones you are used to. Before traveling stash aside enough money for the unexpected to be on the safe side.

Cultural Insensitivity

There is a tendencies for most travelers to underlook cultures/ traditions that have been in practice for generations when they visit foreign places. Being culturally insensitive to your hosts can be deemed as rude and in some instance can be detrimental to your stay. Some countries observe certain laws and norms that you might find very different and strange to you but it is better being respectful to them. Never know you might learn something new from those very cultures you underlook.

Local Advice

As much as you have done your research about your holiday destination and bought books with some important information about what to do and not do, when offered advice by locals who are well versed with their home; take into consideration.


Every new place you will visit has a number of important documents you will need to show; everything ranging from proof of health, permits to tour certain and of course the most important one of them all, the visa. Before you leave home, make sure you have all that sorted out and make copies of your passport with the Visa that you can move around on your excursions.


Be very careful and vigilant when traveling in places you are not well acquainted with, do not move around flashing your expensive phone and other gadgets or jewelry especially when touring crowded places that are usually havens for pickpockets. It doesn’t matter how affluent a place it, there are always people looking to make money off of your demise.

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